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I would like a 2.1 speaker system for my living room, to use with my computer and projector as a sort of pseudo home theatre set up. I don’t want wires running on the floor so I’m looking for a wireless set up. I was wondering:

1. What are the best 2.1 speakers in a $150-$200 range?
2. What stands can I get for them (so they aren’t on the floor)?
3. How can I connect the speakers wirelessly to the computer (the audio input)?


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  1. you should look into in-wall speakers
  2. Any recommendations? I have no idea how to start.

    I don't want to mount anything on the walls as I rent. Stands would be better..
  3. you want wireless from the amplifier to the computer.. i see you said that.
    but do you want wireless from the amplifier to the speakers?

    i havent dived into the wireless speakers much.. but i know there are wireless connections from the amplifier to the computer.
    and i know there are wireless connections for each speaker, but then each speaker has to have its own amplifier and you still have to run a wire to plug in the amplifier.
    i wouldnt suggest any amplifier running on batteries because batteries are expensive (even the rechargable ones).

    i know klipsch has the promedia 2.1 as wireless from the computer to the amplifier.
    if its the same amplifier design, then the amp is strong and reliable.
    the speakers arent really hi-fi.. but the amplifier is so good, you could go to parts-express and pick up some audiophile upgrades and build your own monitors.

    i really cant offer much more help because i havent demo'ed a bunch of computer speakers to know which ones are audiophile quality and which ones arent.
    but i suppose i could help you search for available options and let you decide based on reviews.. i would suggest you purchase from a place that allows for a refund if you arent satisfied.
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