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I am currently on my 4th Dell XPS 1645, (8 gig ram, I7 -820, SSD drive) in the last 12 weeks. They all have suffered thee same fate. Freezing up 4-5 times daily, even with no applications running. They sent me a 130 watt power supply but it didn't fix the issue. It's not heat related since it happens usually in the first few minutes. Please help, i have to power down manually. I'm tired of sending back laptops.....
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  1. from what i understand this is a common occurrence w/ the the XPS 1645 model.
    I think its hard drive related, or thats @ least what people say... so who knows.

    All you can try doing is to update all the firmware, drivers, ect. to their latest version and hope for the best.
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