Need peoples experience with Sony VIAOs


I'm looking at getting one of these (about 1100 USD) but before doing so I'm wondering what experiences any of you have had with the build quality / durability of VIAOs.

I had the quintessential Macbook on the table as well with student discount but even with the incomming refresh of the Pro range I doubt it will beat the Sony's pure stats for hardware etc. although it will probably rape it on battery life.

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  1. Ive always had great experience with Sony laptops. Its been my experience that Toshiba is the best, with Sony in second.
  2. I've had a series of Vaios, including a couple in the VGN-SZ series. Also a smaller PCG series from several years ago. The machines themselves are reasonably fast and the graphics quality with Nvidia GeForce renders well. So-so battery life (and expensive replacements). Screens are easily readable. You do, however, pay a premium for design, bells and whistles. Concerning repairs, I've had a few problems--some requiring service (satisfactory) and some repairs I did myself: fan going out on one, hard disk failure on another, bit of cheesy plastic on the case that chipped off, some problems with the touchpad after a year and a half on yet another. Overall, snazzy laptops at a bit higher price. The model you're thinking about looks like quite a dream machine, but factor memory upgrade into the package as well as an upgrade of the OS. All depends on the price you snag. Cheers from Tokyo!
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