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Surround Speaker

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Last response: in Home Audio
January 20, 2011 6:21:56 PM

I have an AWIA CX L700 which is a fairly old unit but still works well. I'm attempting to ascertain which surround speaker is compatible with this stereo system and where I can make the purchase. Jim A

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January 20, 2011 8:31:28 PM

what you need to do is look on the back of the radio and look for an impedance rating.

it will probably be right there next to the rear speaker outputs.
should say something like 8ohms or 16ohms

i dont know if aiwa made rear speakers for that unit.
i know there were a whole warehouse of radios that had the option for rear speakers, but never actually included rear speakers.. and there were no rear speaker 'packages' or 'kits' available for sale from the same manufacturer as an exclusive match.

i'm a little bit concerned that you said surround speaker - without an 's'
is there only one speaker output?

i'd say check the radio for the impedance and also look for a wattage if there is anything.
then report back so people can utilize that information to narrow down your search.

for that kind of radio, if there was any rear speakers that come with the unit.. they would be very hard to find.
and you would benefit with an aftermarket speaker, speaking of audio output detail/clarity.

you might have a radio that is designed to self-destruct once rear speakers are connected.
the possibility wouldnt suprise me considering the failure rate of radios back then.