Keyboard AND Touchpad not working on Windows XP

Keyboard AND Touchpad not working on Windows XP

Hi, I've got a friend's Packard Bell EasyNote Model MV35-V-007 laptop and I just want to copy her files before doing a clean XP install. The problem is NEITHER KEYBOARD NOR TOUCHPAD WORKS, so I cannot do anything with the computer!

I've tried plugging an USB keyboard/mouse, didn't work. I've tried using Windows XP install cd-rom, but after "checking for boot files on cd-rom drive" I'm prompted to "press any key to boot from cd" - I CAN'T!!!

Pls help!!! It's driving me mad!
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  1. I'm curious if this problem just occurred or if some software changes were made to the machine. Could use a bit more info. Is it under warranty?

    What I would do in your shoes is remove the hard drive and put it in another machine, like a desktop and take a look at the drive. Run error checking and take a look to see if all the files are intact. Then I would back everything up.

    Since the input devices are fubar, and the usb isn't working, I'd say its possible something is seriously wrong with the laptop.
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