Best upgrade for sound blaster live that came with dell xps B1000r

I have 11 yrs old Dell Dimension XPS B100r desktop which came with Creative Sound Blaster Live Sound Card. The sound card died a few months back and I replaced it with a generic sound card I bought on eBay but my pc crashes frequently while streaming or playing audio files.

I have read about Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Music sound card and I wonder if it can use same speaker connections on my motherboard as the Creative Sound Blaster Live. Anyone knows?
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  1. It's really not worth it to put any more money into an 11 year old computer, no matter how you upgrade the parts.
    The problem is that you have very limited processor space, and you can't run the media that you want to run without crashing. Putting in a new video card or sound card will not fix that problem.
    It's time to look at a new quad core.
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    my uncle has a computer he custom built back in 1997
    it wont play youtube videos completely.. the video isnt much of a video at all.
    the screen shows picture after picture.. no fluid motion.

    but anyways..
    an xfi soundcard will fit into the same slot on the motherboard.
    the new soundcard might require an external power plug.. so double check if it does before purchase.
    and make sure your power supply has a power plug free.
    you can always get an adapter if the power plug isnt the same shape.
  3. Thanks guys. Yes, I am aware of the shortcomings of my system but just trying to squeeze a few more juice out of it before I save enough to invest in a decent system. It runs on 1GHZ Intel Pentium III and 512 MB of RAM. I was actually wondering if the speaker plug from my motherboard would match the speaker sucket on the Sound card. I guess I just have to take a chance to find out for sure.
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