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I am currently on my 4th Dell XPS 1645, (8 gig ram, I7 -820, SSD drive) in the last 12 weeks. They all have suffered thee same fate. Freezing up 4-5 times daily, even with no applications running. They sent me a 130 watt power supply but it didn't fix the issue. It's not heat related since it happens usually in the first few minutes. Please help, i have to power down manually. I'm tired of sending back laptops.....
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  1. Just because it happens within the first few minutes does not mean it is not heat related. If there is a contact problem between a heatsink and source it could very well overheat in a few seconds. However that is unlikely after 4 problems on different laptops

    Can you start the computer in safe mode? If so, try running the normal startup programs one by one and see if you can recreate the crash.

    You could also try looking through this if you haven't already

    I hope this helps
  2. Hi,

    I will try that. Could it be Mcafee causing issues. I had removed it for a few days and all was fine. (i have dell pc tuneup)... i may be answering my own question but i would be surprised if dell was shipping out these untis with Mcafee and that was the fix... as soon as i put mcafee back on it was off to the races with the freeze.
  3. It is possible that it could happen. I use AVG Free as my AV (In case you want to find something else).
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