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Hello, I need help with my speakers. My front speaker is somehow louder than the rest of them. My rear speakers are barely audible unless you go close a bit closer to it and the side speakers near my desk are a bit lower than the front too for some reason. I'm using Realtek HD Audio manager and the logitech Z-540 set. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
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  1. umm.. the z-540 is 4.1
    it doesnt have side speakers.

    maybe you have the cable plugged in only half-way.
    if that it isnt it.. try plugging in some headphones into the soundcard, same problem?
    its possible that the software says one thing and the hardware is doing another thing.
    so i would try to test with headphones or plug the speakers into something else and see if they have the same problem.
    doing this also helps when the software is bugging and not working the way its intended.
    you need some hard evidence, and software is just a gamble.
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