Realtek HD Audio manager not working on ASUS EeePC

Hi, Good day to all!

I having trouble with my REALTEK HD audio driver on my netbook. This happened after i upgraded my system from Windows XP to Windows 7 Home Basic. After I upgraded the system, I have successfully installed all my drivers and they are working normally except my audio driver. I can't get it to work! , I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, setting compatibility with my drivers to XP, replace with another driver, almost all I think!
Please help me! I really need it to work. I'm using my netbook for school projects. (I'm still a student.)

My Netbook is:
4gb SSD
1024 MB RAM
Windows 7 Home Basic
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  1. Download the win7 driver from and try that?
  2. 1) Windows 7 SHOULD install the drivers properly.

    2) the above REALTEK option should work. I've done that many times with different computers. Make sure to get the right version to match your chipset.

    3) Make sure your "AUDIO DEVICE" is actually set to the onboard audio (right-click the audio icon in lower-right-> Playback devices... "

    4) Check DEVICE MANAGER for any conflicts or other missing drivers if you haven't already.

    5) Try heaphones or plugin speakers just in case your laptop speakers aren't working.

    6) If you are really, really stuck see if you get audio with the Ubuntu Live CD (just burn a disc and boot to it. Boot Order in BIOS must have CD/DVD before hard drive). Use Firefox, an audio CD or anything else that can make sound.
  3. Hi :)

    If after all the above, it still has no sound, you have two choices...

    1, Live with it..

    2, Go back to XP...

    Next time check BEFORE YOU UPGRADE THAT DRIVERS ARE AVAILABLE...for everything...

    All the best Brett :)
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