FOR SALE 1964 United "THUNDER" Ball Bowler

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I have a 1964 United "THUNDER" 13 foot big ball bowler for sale.
Bowler frame has been sanded to bare wood and restained with Min-Wax
Golden Oak stain, then multiple coats of poly with sanding between
coats. As the graphics were hard if not impossible to duplicate on this

game,I sanded it to bare wood then repainted in a gray color and added
new vynil graphics in the style of a United "CLASSIC" bowler. Bowler
has been completely gone thru mechanically. EVERY stepper unit...EVERY
scoring unit....and ALL motors have been cleaned, aligned, repaired or
replaced where needed. This games plays PERFECTLY. All new locks (keyed

alike), all new bulbs, Very nice ORIGINAL set of United pins (rubber
not plastic) Both backglasses very nice, 3 very nice original balls.
Can deliver the game within 300 miles of South Bend Indiana, farther
than that I usually use NAVL. If interested call DOC TOLLFREE at 1
Links to a few pictures below...If interested I can send more this
Thanks DOC
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    You'll have to email him to get the price. He doesn't put it in the
    post. Guess he figures that he can set the price once he feels out who
    he's dealing with. The posts are kinda annoying too since he cant be
    bothered to put "Off Topic" in his posts either.

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    On 8 Jul 2005 17:03:14 -0700, "DOC DOOM" <> wrote:

    >I have a 1964 United "THUNDER" 13 foot big ball bowler for sale.

    If it's for sale, what's its price?
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    Doug, I'm sure you live in an area that has new car dealerships as well
    as the
    "Drive now pay later" lots? You know the lots that usually have the
    prices in
    white shoe polish on the windshields. I think if you or anyone is truly
    interested in
    any item you would surely put a little effort into it? Such as getting
    out of your car and contacting a salesman at the dealership? That's why
    I have an 800 number, for those who are truly interested in buying any
    games or parts from me. As far as my items being "OFF TOPIC" the
    heading under this group is "recreation-games" ALL my items were
    manufactured by either Bally, Chicago Coin, or United!! Last I checked
    they only
    manufactured coin op games for recreation? My bowlers are they same
    price for anyone who would like to purchase one. Check and see here in
    the group I GIVE away more small parts than I sell!! I even pay
    postage. Also check with members here on how long I have stayed on the
    phone (on my dime) to help someone solve a problem..Members tell me if
    I am wrong to post bowlers here? Also look at Dougs 57 past posts here
    in the group and see how many of his are "OFF TOPIC"...then check
    mine!! Sorry I annoy you Doug but my guess is you annoy easy.
    Thanks DOC
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    If your going to post something for sale on rgp you should put the
    price in the post. It's been courtesy here on this newsgroup to do that
    for as long as i've been reading it. Not putting a price in your post
    only tells me that you either don't care how the group likes things to
    be posted (hence not being courteous) or your going to size up the
    person looking to buy and then set the price accordingly or choose not
    deal with them at all.

    I always find it interesting that when someone gets called out by
    others for not following how things are done in a group they bring up
    all the "charity" they've done in the past. Its called charity because
    you don't expect anything back from it. Telling me how generous you are
    with people who contact you only tells me that your not really out to
    help them your only doing it in hopes of generating new business from
    them. Which is fine as long as you don't try and put it down as

    As far as being off topic with your post, you are. It's entirely two
    different things to start a new thread that's off topic and to reply to
    one thats off topic. I'm also not posting to "" im
    posting to "". Note the difference. Making a
    generic statement that the bowling machines your selling were
    manufactured by the same people that made pinball machines does not
    legitimize you saying that your post was on topic within this group. We
    talk about about pinball machines here and not ball bowlers.

    As far as you thinking that I annoy easily think again. If your not
    tolerant in this group you'll be blown out in a week. There's been many
    occassion where i've bit my tongue and hit the cancel instead of the
    send button after writing out a reply. I only replied to this thread
    because as long as i can remember you've never followed how things are
    done here and it only leaves people open to drawing their own
    conclusions on how you like to conduct business. Personally I do not
    mind that you post here. I just wish that you'd follow how others
    including myself like things to be posted that are for sale. You've
    been here long enough to know that you just choose to ignore it.
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    where the hell is the rgp rule book!

    not getting prices in fs posts is the result of this kind of bs that
    shits all over someone who is just offering something for sale.

    as for being ot the title says it all. if you don't like bowlers why'd
    you read the post?

    i am a pin collector. however, i have a shuffle bowler, a gun game,
    juke, pop machines and would like a ball bowler. i don't think this is
    ot. i like to see this stuff and i am sure there are others here too.

  6. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    >as for being ot the title says it all. if you don't like bowlers why'd
    >you read the post?

    I like bowlers and when I see it's DOC DOOM I know it's a quality a big price.

    The reason he doesn't list the price is because it is going to be very
    high for most. I have seen some of his stuff at chicagoland and it is
    very nice. Like they say- "if you have to ask....."

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    your right man!

    most of us wouldn't pay his price but thats only cuz we know how to
    find cheap broken stuff and fix it up.

    however, it is still really sad that people can't post a fs add with a
    price here without fear of being persecuted for it.

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    I am sure there are many people like myself who do not inquire about
    ads that do not list a price. If your games are quality stuff, they
    deserve the asking price. If TC (for instance) puts out a top price for
    a game, I know the quality is there, I can decide to inquire further if
    I can afford it.
    No price means you are playing the user car salesman game.
    Customer:"How much is the car?salesman: -How much are you offering?

    This sales game is just as bad as the $1.00 starting auction price
    with a hidden reserve of $3000.00.

    When have you ever gone to a store , picked out an item, and only
    found out how much it was when you went to the cashier? This does
    happen with items that were not labelled by accident, but it is an
    aggravation. I often don't go to a cashier on an item that I am
    genuinely interested in buying without a price tag, because I don't
    want to go through the bother. My time means something to me, so I
    don't waste it calling about items that are POR.
    These comments are NOT meant to trash your way of doing business,
    just as an insight into how many people think. I actually have thought
    about buying a bowler. I have not called.
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    I never said anything about a rule book. It seems that a pattern forms
    over time regarding posting of FS items that the price is included
    especially if it's a particular item. I've seen post after post
    regarding things for sale and people asking "how much?" since the
    poster didnt put the price in. Didnt matter that you could call them or
    email them. If he was posting that he sells bowling machines and parts
    in general then I couldn't have cared less about his post. To me It
    just makes sense to put the price of what you are selling in the post.
    I'd think it would help to weed out tire kickers and keep you from
    having to talk to people who aren't really in the market for one.

    As for not being interested in ball bowlers thats not the case here.
    I'd really like to have one but have no idea what kind of money it
    takes to buy one. That's where putting the price in the post comes in.
    I can get an idea of what kind of money it takes without having to ask.
    It seems that they aren't too high priced since he's posting in a
    newsgroup where people exchange thousands of dollars for a box of
    painted wood,plastic,metal and glass to let a ball bearing roll around

    I have no problem with someone posting items that are gameroom related
    or not for sale in here. It's actually a convenience for us when they
    do. I'm just back to wondering why they'd post for sale items if they
    aren't going to tell you what they want for them.

    I actually have a project roadshow for sale. Email me for
    price/location. I'm not rich enough to have an 800 number for people to
    call me about it but i'll get back to you as quickly as possible. LOL.

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    As far as bowlers being "off topic" in RGP, I'm pretty sure that
    bowlers are specifically included in the description of RGP topics. I
    think EM arcade games, and gun games are also included.
    Mark (CARGPB5)
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    As far as I'm concerned Doc can post about whatever he wants when he
    wants - OT or not, price included or not. Doc doesn't have to explain
    himself to you or anyone else. Looks like you have nothing better to
    do than to waste keystrokes on bashing Doc who is one of the GOOD GUYS
    in the hobby instead of using those keystrokes to type something useful
    to someone. Seems to me maybe you have nothing to add that would be

    Everyone who has dealt with Doc knows he is THE guy for ball bowlers,
    prices his games fairly, and provides service after the sale and help
    to ANYONE who asks.

    Since you bring it up about Doc's 'charity', here's what Doc did for
    ME... If YOU'VE done anything even remotely charitable and for the good
    of your fellow hobbyist please, please let us all know...

    A few years ago I was considering buying a ball bowler from Doc and
    another guy who shall remain nameless. Only because of what models
    were currently available from each guy I ended up NOT buying from Doc
    and bought from the other guy for top end dollar. The game arrived
    with issues, as can be expected from shipping, and the other guy made
    some half assed attempts to tell me where to look but wouldn't take the
    time to spend a few moments with me on the phone. (I guess he was too
    busy spending my money). Doc and I had kept in touch after the sale
    and he was a GENTLEMAN after I even ended up NOT purchasing the game
    from him and went elsewhere.

    Fast forward about 2 years... Now my game is dead as the issues
    compounded themselves and what was once a minor scoring issue is now a
    game that work work. My kids were very disappointed to say the least.
    Well, Doc remembered I had problems with it and kept it in the back of
    his head that if he was ever near me he would stop by to help. I might
    as well mention that I live in PA and Doc lives in Indiana.

    Doc's father in law was ill this past winter and he and his wife drove
    I would assume 7 hours or so from Indiana to visit her dad here in PA.
    They spent a few days, drove all the way home, only to get the call to
    come back as he had passed away. So they had to turn right around and
    drive back here another 7 hours.

    What does Doc do of all things during this difficult time for his
    family ? He calls ME to say he's going to be in PA now for a few days
    for the funeral and if he can get away he will drive the 2 hours it
    takes to get to me to try to help me with my game. Do you believe it ?
    He had a family member drive him 2 hours here, spent 3 hours fixing my
    game to perfection, and drives 2 hours back. What did he ask for in
    return ? An amount of money that was ridiculously low for his time
    which I paid and gladly tipped him another $ 50 for good measure. He
    did all this as a favor for a friend and for my kids knowing they were
    disappointed the game wasn't working AND that I didn't have the skill
    to fix it. Oh, and don't forget the little tidbit that I DIDN'T EVEN

    Doc is a CLASS ACT. Before you bash someone because he forgot two
    little letters in a post or decides he'd rather discuss price in
    person, which is his business to do so, know who you're talking about.
    Get to know someone before you try to ruin his reputation, you ass.
    Anyone who knows Doc knows he's one of the good guys. When you do
    something anywhere near as 'generous' as Doc does for lots of people
    let us know. I for one am all ears.
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    just cuz he didn't post a price here don't mean he doesn't have one.

    i post stuff for sale here all the time without a price if you want to
    buy it i'll tell you the price.

    i do this cuz i don't want bs input from someone that has no intention
    of buying it not cuz i am trying to hide something.

    in cotrast when i post an add on mrpinball i always put a price on it

    and btw if you want a straight deal i have pins for sale and OT i have
    a pop machine forsale.
    no jacking around here i'll give you a price and you can take it or
    keep walking. goto "stuff for sale or trade"
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    he justed asked for a price....gheez
  14. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    No Doug didn't ask for a price - the other guy did and that was fine.
    I'm sure Doc would have emailed him with a price ASAP. Doug wrote
    'Guess he figures that he can set the price once he feels out who he's
    dealing with' which is just another example of someone sticking thier
    negativity where it doesn't belong about someone he doesn't know. As
    the other guy said if he has no interest in ball bowlers why's he
    reading the post to begin with ? Either A) to bust someone's chops he
    doesn't even know personally or B) to add absolutely nothing
    constructive or positive to the thread. Alot of people like to hear
    themselves talk -helps their egos I gues. Keep picking on the good
    guys and soon there won't be any, you knuckleheads.
  15. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Personally I totally ignore anyones opinion who bashes someone for
    posting a price on what they are trying to sell. The problem isn't with
    the person posting the item for sale its with the other person thinking
    that their post can influence someone to lower their price. I've never
    commented on anyone for posting things for sale when I know that they
    have totally overpriced their item. I guess I've grown tired of reading
    Docs posts about the bowlers he has for sale in the past but never
    including the price of them in the post and then seeing people ask "how
    much?" to only have their post go silent. To read the post you get the
    impression that he just forgot to put it in. I'm sure others would like
    to know the price too without having to go through the trouble of
    calling. He has no problem putting the price in a for sale post for
    parts which is great because then I have some idea of what replacement
    parts will cost should I ever decide to buy a bowler. But then again if
    I don't know how much the machine costs in the 1st place then how do I
    know if I can afford it?

  16. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Your right. I have nothing better to do than to go after someone who
    ignores the way things are done around here and has been doing it for
    quite awhile now. I don't need to bolster my ego by putting my charity
    cases up for others to see. I believe that charity is meant to be
    anonymous and I prefer to keep what I've done for others that way.
    Besides being charitable doesn't mean I have to help others with their
    pinball, video game or ball bowler problems. There's plenty of other
    ways to be charitable. You should be glad that he took pity on you and
    came out there to help you. I guess you'll be going to him for
    parts/help from now on won't you?

  17. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    you know, if a price was posted this thread would be none...
  18. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    > time bashing someone for something that YOU don't like. The board is
    > FREE and so is this advise.....if you don't like it don't read it....if

    You know, that works both ways.. if you don't like his replies, don't
    read them. Also, the issue isn't whether he sells his stuff here, it's
    about him mislabeling his posts. People expect to see a price in a
    'For Sale' post (as opposed to a 'For Auction' or 'Fishing for Offers'
    post). He doesn't care, as shown by his earlier smarmy comments, hence
    the complaints. Doug isn't the only one annoyed by his use of the

    > and keep your childish temper tantrums to yourself.

    Your post was more of a rant than anything he posted.
  19. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Hmmmm....sounds like a close friend of Dougs.

    The post was NOT a rant. Mislabeling? " For Sale " is not mislabeling,
    just because
    the price isn't listed, nor is it misleading. The item is for sale and
    contact information
    is listed.

    "He doesn't care, as shown by his earlier smarmy comments" I would
    think that he does care by his comments that someone is trying to
    belittle him because he doesn't post a price for his items.
  20. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    > "He doesn't care, as shown by his earlier smarmy comments" I would
    > think that he does care by his comments that someone is trying to
    > belittle him because he doesn't post a price for his items. he belittles us by posting 'don't ask for price unless you just
    need typing practice' nonsense.

    Respect works both ways. He might be good at reconditioning bowlers,
    but his USENET etiquette leaves a bit to be desired. He is, of course,
    free to ignore criticism directed his way and continue to post stuff
    for sale that isn't quite for sale.
  21. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I guess the 10 yrs that I have spent on line make me just a bit stupid
    since I don't see how
    you and Doug decide who can use what venue and how it is used. Your
    etiquette leaves a lot
    to be desired sir.

    "He is, of course, free to ignore criticism directed his way and
    continue to post stuff
    for sale that isn't quite for sale. " Did I miss something in the
    post? Is the item not
    being listed for sale on a site for recreation items? I don't see that
    is says FREE or AUCTION or

    You can continue your rantings and your belittling of someone who
    appears to ignore your disrepect and
    goes on about his business, as will I. To all of you GET A CLUE!!!

  22. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Everything your bringing up here has been pointed out before but i'll
    do it again since you seem new here and aren't familiar with reading
    previous posts about this. 1st, this is "" it is not
    "". Someone saw the need to give pinball their own group. I
    wholeheartedly thank them for this as it has brought me closer to
    others in this hobby and has made it more enjoyable. 2nd, Doc has been
    posting here long enough to know how "off topic" and "for sale" posts
    are to be handled. Given his responses on this he simply does not care.
    All he's concerned with is getting the word out that he has something
    for sale. In my opinion this shows lack of courtesy to others in the
    group who do follow how the group likes things to be posted. If
    anything i'd say that putting the price of said for sale item in the
    post it would keep people who really aren't looking for one from
    calling and the people that are could get through. As far as saying i'm
    disrespecting him I really dont think that I am. I've grown tired of
    reading posts that are written well but don't include that one key
    piece of information that im sure others would be interested in knowing
    but haven't spoken up which is the price.

  23. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    JimmyM wrote:

    > I guess the 10 yrs that I have spent on line make me just a bit stupid

    This thread is the first time you've ever posted to RGP, Jimmy. Doc,
    Metallik and Doug have been around here for awhile and know the ropes,
    or at least they should. You will, too, if you hang out for a bit. A
    "for sale" post on RGP needs to have four things: a name, a description
    ("mint" or "near mint"), a location, and a price. Leave out any of the
    four, and there will be follow up posts asking for them. If you leave
    them out AND tell the newsgroup that you don't need to provide no
    stinkin' prices in your "for sale" ads, then expect to receive some
    criticism for bucking the establishment.

    The posts that truly amaze me are the ones that say, "Hey, this seller
    is one of the good guys, so cut him some slack," meaning that the rules
    that apply to everyone else shouldn't apply to them. The recent thread
    about the seller who has been holding a grand of someone else's money
    for more than a year without sending the product had several of these
    posts. Have we become so fearful of losing parts and game sources that
    we are willing to give sellers a free pass to behave as poorly as they
    wish? There are some genuinely great sellers on RGP. While Doc may
    be a great seller elsewhere, he's not one on RGP, IMO. Good guys and
    great sellers abide by the rules.

    - Josh A.
  24. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Since my posts to this board are "new" and I don't know the rules, is
    there somewhere that
    these quoted rules about listing and posting can be read?
  25. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    JimmyM wrote:
    > I guess the 10 yrs that I have spent on line make me just a bit stupid
    > since I don't see how
    > you and Doug decide who can use what venue and how it is used. Your
    > etiquette leaves a lot
    > to be desired sir.

    Your reading comprehension leaves a lot to be desired. I specifically
    said he was free to ignore us. I was merely pointing out that I and
    others find his "for sale" posts without any prices, along with his
    snide remarks, to be annoying.

    Has he hired you to be his cheerleader or something?

    > You can continue your rantings and your belittling of someone who
    > appears to ignore your disrepect and
    > goes on about his business, as will I. To all of you GET A CLUE!!!

    My rantings? :) Hey, "get a clue" and look up rant in the dictionary.
    After that, look up "irony".
  26. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Yes, they are in the FAQ for this newsgroup. A
    Google search for "FAQ" for this group, should
    turn up a copy. Same goes for any other usnet
    group. ;)


    JimmyM wrote:
    > Since my posts to this board are "new" and I don't know the rules, is
    > there somewhere that
    > these quoted rules about listing and posting can be read?
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