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My computer is at stock speeds and I have not done any overclocking to my processor. Yet the heat that is trapped inside the case raises the cpu temperatures up to 52 degrees C! Once I open the case, the temperature goes back down to 45 degrees. What do you suggest I do, since I already have 2 fans in the back and 2 fans in the front?
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  1. do you have a good heatsink fan ? can you change your case fans speed ?
  2. wow what core? 4 fans, and you are still running those temps...hmm is the heatsink secure and flat, is the fan running at a decent speed, what's the temp in the room...system specs?
  3. also you did use a thermal interface compound, i luv that name, (thermal grease, a pad that came with the heatsink, anything) between the cpu and the heatsink? Also sometimes heatsinks come with a protective sticker on the bottom so they dont get scratched, did you remove this, or are you sure it is not on the botom of the heatsink, it is sometimes easy to forget...
  4. How are the fans configured? All blowing inwards, all blowing outwards, or 2 blowing in + 2 blowing out? It should be the last one.
  5. im having similiar problems, running my 1400 Athlon at 52 degree's. It worries me, but not that much, the sound bothers me more...

    Antec 1080, 2 front, 2 back, and one of those PCI exhaust fants by the video card (and just a empty hole on the side near the video card)

    My room is very warm tho, the motherboard temp reads 87F/31C right now

    I changed all my fans to run at 5v (neat trick, made the case VERY quiet, and all the fans worked.. ) and the cpu temps stayed the same at 52 degrees, and it just made the motherboard temp inside 5-8 degree's Fahrenheit warmer (up to 95F).

    Could that little pad that comes with stock coolers go bad after time?
  6. Best thing I ever did for my PC was put a 120mm fan on the side; it blows air directly on the mobo/HSF and reduces temps by several degrees (make sure you drop the voltage though, because most 120s are extremely noisy).
  7. Hah, refreshed the forum and you responded within 13 minutes.. now thats fast.. on the post about AI someone did the same. THG didnt have time to send me my emails yet.. anyways

    Two things about the 120mm: 1) I got a nice case (antec 1080) pretty new, not sure if I wanna dremel it just yet, tho I would have a lot of fun doing it and 2) im sure you can get a very quiet panaflo 120mm

    Panaflow 120: 70cfm, 30dba
    Pabst 120 : 55cfm, 26dba
  8. The problem with any fan is that more RPM/CFM equals more noise; good engineering (Papst, Panaflo etc.) can counter this to some extent, but quiet fans are only quiet because they have been throttled.

    My YS Tech 120mm fan will push 105 CFM, but the noise is intolerable (45 dBA plus the wind noise of 105 CFM being thrown at a motherboard). By bringing the voltage down, I get a reasonably quiet 50-70 CFM fan without paying Papst prices.

    My Aopen case had four 80mm fans fitted at one time, but they really didn't make that much difference; if you want to bring your CPU temp down, then you have to get deliver cool air to the HSF/heatsink fan in order to stop it from recycling the warm air from the heatsink. If you don't want to cut a blowhole, then try reversing the fans so that the ones on the back blow air IN to the case and the ones on the front blow OUT of the case.
  9. Yeah...I guess my room is just too warm for a computer to run cooly. The heat is so bad in this room that I have to turn on my fan at max speed and blow it directly at my face to prevent myself from cooking. 2 two front panel fans are blowing inward and the 2 in the back are blowing out. I have a Barton 2800 and a Thermalright 900 heatsink paired with Thermaltake's Smart Fan 2, which are encased in my Lian Li PC-60 aluminum case. I didn't buy any special thermal paste, but I did use the generic one that came with the heatsink. Despite all that, you can see that I have a decent setup for cooling. It just baffles me how my system cannot go down in heat unless I take off one of the side panels of the computer. noisy...
  10. 52 Degrees Celsius isn't really a problem for an AMD cpu, even though it is a little on the high side. Is that an idle temp or a stress temp?

    It may seem a little drastic, but a 120mm blowhole really does make a huge difference (and it doesn't have to be noisy).
  11. I just use a duct when it gets hot, but if its hot in the room then nothing you do will lower temps. Blowing in warm air into the case wont do anything at all. The cpu temp will always be 6-16 degrees hotter than the air in the case (depending on the cooler used) and the best and most dramatic way to lower temps is lowering voltage!

    Another good way to keep temps a bit lower is to remove the plastic bit on the side panel if there is one. I removed the plastic part that was on the side panel and just use the thin metal/ali part to keep noise low.

    Heres the results of my "ducting" experiment.

    Fan speed__________Room___Case___Cpu_idle/load (prime95)
    4krpm___(no mods)___19c____39c _____49c____55
    4k 2 fans____________19c____37c______47c____52
    4k + ducting_________20c____36c______43c____49

    All tests done on my 2100xp @2.2ghz on 1.775 volts

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  12. I have my Antec 1080 case, and I have those two exhaust fans.. You guys think it would help if I change the one to intake, duct it to the CPU, and keep the other as exhaust

    also i would put cardboard or something to seperate the two fans, so the one just doesnt take in the hot air...

    Thinking, the 'fresh' air would go onto the CPU, then the hot air from the heatsink would dissipate out the other exhaust fan.
  13. If leaving the side panel off drops the temp by 7c.... I would recommend leaving it off :)

    Also makes upgrades easier
  14. I have an X-Dreamer case comes stock with 80 mm side fan & 80 mm exhaust on the top of the case. Power supply fan also provides exhaust. I added an additional 80 mm side fan below stock exhaust fan, runs air over video card & MB. Second fan didn't do much for CPU temp but reduced MB by 5 degrees & improved Graphics OC significantly. Currently using stock CPU fan. Temp @ idle 26 C MB & 28 C CPU. Temp under load 31 C MB & 40 C CPU.

    P4c 20% OC 2.88 GHz ASUS P4C800 Delux small fan on North Bridge too. ATI 9600pro Stock Cooling 527/335. Very stable so far. Under $1,000. Once I get the time to pick up a better CPU fan will go for 3+ GHz. Stock fan only running 2200 RPM with Q-fan off. I'm not sure why the fan limits at 2200 RPM?

  15. How do you drop the voltage?

    Also, if you have a side fan, should that blow air into the case or draw air out of it?


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  16. It is possible to reduce temps by selecting a slower FSB in the BIOS and/or reduce the CPU voltage in BIOS.

    My side fan blows air into the case, and every other fan blows out of the case. What the side fan does is disperse/disrupt the hot pocket of air around the cpu heatsink & fan; this allows them to work more efficiently (and also allows you to drop the speed on the heatsink fan a litte = less noise).

    You can throttle fans by using a variable resistor thing, or you simpy rewire a molex plug to make the fan work on 7 volts instead of 12 volts. I don't do this because, apparently, it puts a strain on the Power Supply.
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