Polarity of dell inspron 9100 ac adapter

hi guys will anyone help me to identify the polarities of my dell inspiron 9100 ac apapter output barrel pin let me know any diagram for this bcoz i am getting two different voltages while i keep the outer sleeve of the barrel pin as comman i it seems that the inner needle like pin is giving -12 volts and the inner sleeve is giving -19.5 volts is it right please assit me
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  1. Voltage is relative - you can get two different readings depending on what you're using as ground.

    If your connector has a center post inside of it, connect your positive lead of your multimeter to that, and the ground lead to the outside of the connector. If your connector does not have a center post, just put your positive lead inside of the connector, and the ground on the outside.

    Why do you need to know this, anyway?
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