youtube does not work with windows 7 (32-bit)

hi guys.. i m using dell inspiron 1564 with windows 7 (32-bit)..
youtube does not work n i m getting an error "An error occurred, please try again later"
and same vdos r running in other systems.
help to solve this problem vil b appreciable.. thanks
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  1. make sure your browser has the latest flash plugin installed
  2. thanks arges for ur help.. i installed flashplayer 10.. but same prblm help help
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    make sure when you install the plugin, you uninstall, reboot, then install it from the website again.
    Go to "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features"
    Uninstall "Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin" and "Adobe Flash Player ActiveX"
    install new ones from web.

    for good measure you can also try uninstalling java and reinstalling that too.
    to eliminate any other variables you should try deleting history cashe, and any cookies
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  5. u did it arges.. thanks [SILVED]

    can i get all drivers for winxp for dell inspiron 1564
  6. it appears that they only support win7 x64
    so no xp drivers
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