Acer aspire 4520 boot up

My laptop allows me to press the power button and it will do a patial boot sequence and shut down then it will start the whole process over again. I want to interupt this cycle and re-flash the BIOS. I have tried both a bootable CD and USB drive with no luck. I do not have a diskette drive. The only thing to affect the cycle is when I press FN F2 the computer does not shut down but leaves the power switch on. During the cycles the hard drive and other indicators will flash.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi
    not being a forum user I am very confused by the fact that my question seems to have the answer I was given wiped out. The answer did not work so I still have the problem if anybody else wants to give it a shot.
    For those who want to know I was advised to disconnect the harddrive remove some memory and connect to an external monitor.
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