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Hi all

Im hoping someone out there will be able to shed some light on my printer problem.

I start my PC and start a print job and it prints off with no problem at all, once done though the job stays in the queue on "deleting". I have cancelled the job and restarted the spooler which does remove the "deleting" job, but even when i try another print job it will not print, this time it is stuck in the queue on "printing"

I have been into the system32 folder and removed any items i found in the spool folder (which i was told could cause a problem)

I am running Comodo and read that the Firewall could be causing the problem, so i went into the setting found any Lexmark entry and gave access, i also worked with it disabled but to no avail the problem still occured. I even gave all lexmark entries in Windows firewall access to, problem stayed.

I have even been into the Control Panel and removed the setting which made my PC put the printer in sleep (read that could cause a problem) Problem stayed.

So far everything i have read i have tried but each time i print the above problem occurs.

Now if i reboot the PC with a stuck job in the queue, when its reboots it starts to print the job that was there, but no more than that. If i remove all jobs from the queue reboot and try a fresh print job, that works but no more after.

So at the moment if i want to print alot of work i have to print, remove queue, reboot, print, remove queue, reboot and print, so on so forth. As you can imagine this is a pain in the ass to do.

I am running on a
Intel i5 750,
Asus P7P55-M Motherboard
2x2GB Ram
Windows 7
The Printer in question is a Lexmark X1180 with the Windows 7 (or compatible) drivers installed.

Thanks in advance
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  1. This is a common feature of all Windows -MIcrosoft software .....
    Make simple things very complex, so that the simple requirements (delete a crazy print ... become VERY COMPLEX)

    the solution is as complex...

    A) Delete and wait if the system cleans the queue after Miniutes.... 30 MIN hour .... of time out .....
    B) Go into services KILL the printer spooler and restart it ..... and WAIT as well... but it seems to work ....
    (rebooting helps less.....)
  2. there should be a sticky arround this problem
  3. Cheers for the reply dreuzel

    Unfortunatley your solution is not a solution for me,

    I can get up on the morning, turn the PC on request a few print jobs and the first job will print, but nothing else.

    I have tried

    A) Leave the PC on all day till i get back from work and nothing else has printed, so i reboot the PC and the next job comes through on restart, but nothing else after that one.
    B) Turn the PC off before i go to work, come back turn PC back on and the second job will start to print on restart, but nothing else after that.

    So far only rebooting the PC after every print job has worked, but when im trying to print off say 30-40 sheets and do other work on the PC at the time, etiher solution yours or mine is no good due to the time length required.

    30-40 printouts requiring 30-40 reboots is stopping alot of work. Also 30-40s printout and and possibly waiting 30mins + is equalling 15-20 hours of hoping someting will again print, if it doesn't then that means i now have to go and do 30-40 reboots.
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