Want to install XP with windows 7

i have windows 7 on drive c but i have drive d can i put xp on this .???
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  1. You could but because of the difference in the Boot manager you would have to install Windows 7 last because Windows XP does not use the same boot manager. But the real question is since you already have Windows 7 why would you even need XP? I just do not see the need for a 10 year old OS at all.
  2. As stated you would need to start with XP, then install 7.

    You could back up your 7 installation and then start again with XP, then install 7 afterwards, or if you only need XP occasionally and for nothing intensive, your best bet is a VM.
  3. I too am curious what you're doing with XP that W7 won't do.
  4. You could try running XP mode, which is available in certain versions of Windows 7. (It's a VM'd Windows XP, as someone suggested)


    I have to run a windows XP VM (xp mode) at work, because some business portals only work with older versions of IE such as IE7, etc. Compatability mode doesn't work with every site, and Windows 7 won't take an IE 7 install that I know of. The XP mode thing is a free download and its relatively easy.

    I could be wrong, but if you have to have XP, this is a good fix and its working wonders for me. :ange:
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