MSI Wind U100 or Samsung N210


I've been deciding for ages about which netbook to get and was finally settled on the MSI Wind U100 when I saw this Samsung.
They look very similar, both are upgradeable to 2GB RAM I assume.
They both have 1.66GHz processor but one uses the N280 whilst the other the N450. Which of these is better? I'm guessing one is on a newer chipset or something?

Also, is it worth waiting until the MSI Wind U135 or even the U160 to come out in the UK? Or is it likely that they won't be released in the UK for quite some time!

Some advice on this decision would be really appreciated :)

Thanks in advance,

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  1. You're right, the N450 is almost identical in CPU speed, but has a newer, more streamlined chipset. The N450 will use less power overall, giving a longer typical battery life. The N450's integrated video is also somewhat better, although don't expect miracles from it, its still just an intel IGP.
  2. Yeh I think I want the N450 chipsets now but am unsure as to which ones!

    I think the brand new Samsung N150 looks really good. What are your opinions on that?
  3. (That would probably include me upgrading it to 2GB RAM too)
  4. Personally laptops are something that I like to actually see before buying, I haven't seen it for sale locally so I can't voice much of an opinion on that. Spec-wise its nearly identical to every other n450 netbook, though the advertised battery life is less than what ASUS claims for their models. The design looks decent enough from the pictures, but hard to say without seeing it.
  5. The British magazine PC Pro's reviewers really liked the N110. The N150 looks to be a straight upgrade of that model.
  6. What's the N110? Hadn't heard of that one. Oh I see. That has the N270 processor and these are just upgrade to that. I guess I just need to decide between the N210 and the N150 then. They're identical in hardware, just look different :)
  7. Has anyone seen any reviews of those 2 netbooks actaully. The Samsung N150 or N210. They're really new and I'm struggling to find any detailed reviews of the netbooks!

    Samsung N150-,39030092,49304784,00.htm
    "The N150's keyboard is a real disappointment. Its keys are too small and tightly packed for our liking, so typing without mistakes requires real precision."

    Apparently the N210 has a better spaced keyboard, which obviously key (excuse the pun!) for a netbook. Might be better to go for that one.

    I wish it was easier to make you're own netbooks, like desktop PC's. Would be so much easier to just pick the parts I wanted! =)
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