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I built a computer for the first time a couple months ago. Using XP Home currently, when Red Hat Linux has out-of-the-box GeForce FX support, I'll become dual boot. Anyway, my computer constanly locks up. Not a single program, but the whole computer. It only happens on games and multimedia apps. I was thinking it might be the OS, but I've done 20+ fresh installs. So, I asked around and I was told the processor might be overheating. I'm 100% sure my system temp is okay, but not sure about my processor temp. So, 2 questions.

1. Is 56C/125F normal temperature for an AMD Athlon XP 2000+?
2. If it isn't, what type of thermal paste should I use on it?

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  1. I believe if you are talking about idle temps, then indeed you are quite high. I am running an Athlon XP 1800+ overclocked to 2400+ and I am at 40C idle/45C under load. And believe me, it's summer now in my country and it's H-O-T !!!! Two months ago, before summer, temps were about 3-4 degrees lower!

    I am using Arctic Silver 3, it's the best thermal paste you can use.
  2. Thanks, I'll try and pick some up today or tomorow. I just hope it solves the problem.
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