Computer that can match the Macbook Pro

K ive been looking around for a laptop that is has decent specs like the mac and has the great size and weight of the Macbook Pro.

So far ive found a couple laptops im really interested in like the XPS 16 but it just doesnt have the battery life im looking for.

So i have no budget and please dont talk about money just as long as its under 4 grand im good so what is a laptop that has decent specs good battery life and isnt huge.?
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  1. What are you going to use it for?
  2. im basically just going to be using the computer for surfing the web, playing some games like SC 2 when it comes out and Diablo 3 when it comes out but not any hardcore stuff, and maybe some photo/video editing but that doesnt really matter to me that much, i just want a laptop that is slim and light with a good battery life and good specs. Price isnt a worry
  3. K ive finally made my decision (almost) Im looking at the Sager NP8 G90 Or the Falcon Northwest Fragbook TLX remember money doesnt matter.

    K im maxing out all specs on each and from what ive seen the only difference is the TLX has a far worse graphics card but on the upside they have a slimmer machine by over half an inch and the screen is a little larger.

    So my question to you is which one would be better get slim and a great computer or the best and a little bulkier?

    Also i dont really want a bulky computer but for that half an inch it might be worth getting the best so please help
  4. thats a preference call.

    personally, id take the extra power.
  5. but my question is im not doing hardcore gaming and i think the GPU on the Falcon is good enough to do all the gaming I want and i think its still one of the top ones on the market. Meaning that not many games will be made that i cant play with it.
  6. then it sounds like you have answered your own question?

    like i said, its a preference call. we can't tell if you want the extra power or not.
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