Old Aspire 3000 and battery

Hi,i've revived a old laptop aspire 3000 installing on Ubuntu. Now,it is good. But i've a problem when i connect the psu the battery led but if i remove the psu the battery result discharge . So,is the battery down? or what i can do?
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  1. If the laptop is old, chances are the battery is too old.
  2. This problem started a lot of time ago,a year maybe after the warranty.. with windows the battery freeze the pc,now with linux work but don't charge.. but the led status is green.. so i don't know if the battery is savable or is permanently dead
  3. Given that it's an Acer and people have reported short battery life on that brand I would think you need to replace the battery.
  4. I will find a battery on ebay,thanks a lot man :D
  5. What the hell! I've tried to leave the battery connected.. it's ok! now ubuntu talk me after 30 minutes that is discharged but i've connected the psu and now it charge! ahaha i don't know why! i will update you :D
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