When will AMD/Intel release it's 64 bit chip?

Apple released theirs, when will AMD/Intel release their 64bit desktop chip and why do you think it will be released then. I wish Apple would reduce the prices on their G5systems as I would make the switch...WAY too much money. What performance increase do you think the AMD/Intel chips/configuration will provide? And how do you think they will compare to the hyped dualie G5?
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  1. I suppose you can just go out and buy one of those 64-bit G5's right now? Apple is taking a page from AMD's business practices and launching products that won't exist for several months and claiming to be first. Everybody knows this is BS. I won't even go into their ridiculous performance claims as it has been talked about endlessly already.

    Intel is delaying the release of their 64-bit chip as long as possible so as to make it more difficult for the A-64 to take hold. Eventually they will have to to stay competitive, but who knows when that will be.

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  2. intel itanium was release in 2000
    AMd opteron was release few month ago

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  3. I was referring to the release of Prescott/Claw Hammer. I would like to know when the desktop chips will come out. I know that Opteron/Itanium have been released which are more for server/professional use.
  4. A64 is coming in September 2003

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  5. September will be AMD's primary release. Followed by Intel in either Q3 '03 or Q4 '03. But for me I am waiting until Q2 '04 for the Tejas processor possibly debuting at 4.0ghz with pinless architechture and possibly 64bit capabilites.


    My big question is, will Intel release an adapter for the Prescott to make it pinless as well. They will get you anyway they can. Here is a new processor 3.2 Prescott copper pin [Celeron Replacement], then here is our new Tejas pinless processor with new this and that for twice as much $800-$900.
  6. Interesting, it was beleived that prescott would go pinless first, seems like tejas will be the first to be pinless, which means. Prescott comes out this fall to be used with the 865/875 chipsets.
  7. 1 presscott will come on socket 478 and canterwood and springdale compatible with bios update they should have a go as far as 4 ghz before offering Socket T on 1066 FSB

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