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I've got an AXIS T8311 joystick that will be used with an Axis Communications PTZ camera.

Chating with support, they tell me that the joystick is PnP. There are no drivers to install from them or anything.

I've got Win 7 64bit OS and when I plug the joystick in, it says it was not successful. I've click on the option to check Windows Update, but it still fails.

I've plugged the joystick into 2 other computers, both running Win7 64bit, and it installs the joystick just fine.

Why would it work on the other computers, but not mine? I'm not even sure where to begin.

AXIS support is basically saying it is my problem at this point.

Any suggestions?

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    I found out where the File Repository is located on Windows 7 where all the drivers are stored. I then when into Device Manager on the device that didn't install and clicked on the driver update button. Instead of using Windows Update, I selected search my computer. Then, instead of selecting folders on my computer, I browsed to another Win7 64bit computer where the joystick installed just fine, I selected that pc's driver folder and the joystick now is install on my computer.

    I've found a work around. Apparently my computer is missing driver files. Do you know of a way to to repair it?

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