Can you wire dc power directly to laptop?

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 and a Targus charger I want to connect to the MB. I have removed the jack from the MB. The board is numbered 1 to the center pin, 2 and 3 on each side of the center pin and the four mounting slots are 6,7,8 &9. and there are two holes under the jack that went to the MB. Does anyone know if I can connect directly to two wires coming out of the charger to the Motherboard. I cut the end off the charger and it has 15.3 volts on two wires. I want to solder the two wires to the holes where the socket was. I don't want to use the battery at all just be about to plug it in to any 115v outlet. Can anyone help with this and is it feasible. Thanks for your help in advance.
This is the Jack I took out:
Dell Inspiron 6000 DC Power Jack
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  1. You can -- if you can identify the correct pinholes.

    The problem is that many Dell models used a non standard plug (nearly square with a tag for holding it) and presumably the Targus has the standard round types.

    I have done the same operation when I was unable to find a Dell PSU to replace one which had a broken plug. It was not that hard to figure our which pinhole on the board did what because the Dell PSU had a diagram showing how the pins in the plug were wired. As I recall there are three but only two are wired.

    It's never difficult to identify the earth (negative) pinhole if you have a multimeter.

    That should leave only two or three other pinholes (one of which is to secure the body of the socket).

    Sorry if this is vague but I did this a long time ago.
  2. Thanks
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