No faster after CPU and memory upgrade

I just upgraded my machine. I just ran 3D Mark on it after the upgrade, and I'm seeing no increase in performance! Can someone please explain?
I had a:
P4 1.8GHz@400MHz FSB
Intel D850MV mobo
512MB of PC800 RAMBUS
Asylum/Nvidia Ti 4600

I upgraded to:
P4 2.66GHz@533MHz FSB
Intel D875PBZ mobo
1536MB of PC3200 Dual Channel @ 333Mhz (I know its alot, but I got some of it dirt cheap!)
Asylum/Nvidia Ti 4600

Now, how come I actually lost points in 3d mark with my new setup? I was at 9103, not I'm scoring 9032. I expected a jump into at least the 10,000 range.
Can anyone explain?? thanks for any advice

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  1. software i guess cuz you score the same as a willi on a ATI 8500

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  2. So you think a wipe of the HD and a clean XP Pro install would fix my problem?

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  3. That's what I would try. Even my system scores 9600 or so 3dmarks. Your components are all better than mine a fresh instal and post your results here.

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  4. was running rivatnt2ultra and xp1800+ and upgraded to 2200+ and ati 9500 pro...huuuge increase,but after the xp reinstallation i got even more 50 fps in UT2k3

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  5. It's probably to do with your memory.

    Check what speed your Ram is running at. Ideally RAM should be run in sync with the FSB.

    If you're running FSB 533 (4x133) then you'll want your RAM to be 266 (2x133). Any other speed and a high degree of wait states will be introduced in your sub system.

    The Rambus on your old system didn't have this problem and it's only been since the advent of Intels 800MHZ FSB (4 x 200) sync'd with PC3200 Ram (2 x 200) that RDRAM has been left for dust.

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  6. well u didn't upgrade your video card so thats probobly why. and the reason u may have slowed down a bit is switching from rambus.
  7. I had the same issue. i had an old compaq and I pulled the nvidia 32 MB geforce 256 and the comp did better in 3Dmark and then I installed a new ATI 64MB DDR and the it did really bad in 3Dmark. But I could notice the difference myself when playing games but it never did any better in 3D mark
  8. i got few question why a P4 533 fsb on a I875.Ok if you got DDR 400 1.5 GB are you sure that all equal size module there a good chance the dual channel is not working if that DDR 400 it should work at 400 mghz.Also never buy a intel boards

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  9. Some guru, at maybe the memory section of these posts, also mentioned too much ram might actually make the machine run a bit slower ( more addressing??)

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  10. Quote:
    1536MB of PC3200 Dual Channel @ 333Mhz (I know its alot, but I got some of it dirt cheap!)

    Dual-Channel is not in effect in this case. Use 2 or 4 modules of equal size for Dual-Channel. (<A HREF="" target="_new">Info</A>)

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  11. Well, I found out some interesting things over the weekend. I started with the original setup, and was getting 9149 in 3Dmark.
    I then upgraded the hardware as mentioned in the original post, and I went to 9032 in 3Dmark.
    So then I wiped the drive completely and installed a clean XP Xro....and things got NO BETTER. 9104 in 3Dmark.

    So now I'm pissed, and just playing around with things. I finally figured out what was going on. Intel includes some INF files on the cd that came with the motherboard. I'm not sure exactly what they do, but I believe they are chipset drivers. Well, after I installed those...Bingo!!! 13276 in 3Dmark. So it's my fault for not installing the INF files from the getgo, but I guess I learned my lesson.

    In response to your posts:
    Prof133 - I am running in Dual Channel mode: 2x512 in DIMMs 1 and 3 in channel 0, and 2x256 in DIMMs 2 and 4 in channel 1. The memory has to match on each channel, not across channels. I looked in the manual for the board, that's what it says.

    rubberband and juin - As you can see, a clean OS did not help my score at all. I also thought that a clean OS is faster, but this weekend proved that wrong.

    juin - there is nothing wrong with Intel boards. I've been using them for years with no issues what so ever. And I'm aware that my memory is not running at full speed. Later when I upgrade to the 800Mhz processor, the memory will start running at 400Mhz.

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  12. You learned the hard way.

    Updating drivers is a must on new systems.

    1. Install the rig.
    2. Install OS
    3. Install security (firewall, anti-virus)
    4. Update ALL THE DRIVERS!!! (Don't even forget mouse/joystick)
    5. Install 3dMark and run it!
    6. Overclock
    7. Bench with 3dMark
    8. repeat step 6 and 7 until you find the limit of the hardware.
    9. Install games/soft
    10. Downclock a little if some games crash!

    Et voilà!

    This guarantee the 3 "S" : Speed, Stability and Security.

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  13. you forgot:

    11)Be annoyed that every piece of hardware you just put in it is out of date already. :wink:


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  14. You're right!!!
    At least our cars are good for 6 to 12 months!

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  15. Okay, 3dmark '03 test ONLY your vid card. You can swap out the CPU and mobo all you want, it'll make almost no difference.

    What you want in 3dmark '01. That one tested all components.

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  16. Quote:
    Also never buy a intel boards

    Why not, juin?

    That one puzzled me. Intel's boards are good pieces of engineering, at least to my knowledge, and perform excellently. To my experience, there are no serious stability or compatibility issues...
  17. Compare to Asus it not a good buy.

    What would you take between Asus P4C800 or Intel boards.everyone take Asus.No question ask.Overclocking and faster more feature.Personaly if intel boards were to offer real overclocking feature i will switch to a full intel setup but there is no overclocking feature also i just sold my old Willi and i am on a Old K6/400 tha work like a charm on a FIC mobo.Few exception relate to the video card.That better that most T-bird i have saw most were dead cpu do!

    To cartman i have say software issue i dont have say format you computer a driver issue is a software issue.

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  18. While it is true that you cannot overclock on an intel board, I would rather have a consistanly well built, stable board. While Asus, are very good, I just prefer the intel board. They just work.

    And as it turns out, my BOIS needed a jump start, not any software or drivers. I flashed the BOIS and gained more than 4,000 in 3Dmark. I am using 3Dmark 2001.

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