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I have a toshiba A215-S5822 Laptop and I am trying to switch it to xp because vista sucks. I cannot find a modem driver that works can anyone help me.
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  1. If it is a newer modem and you cannot find the driver on Toshiba's site or the modem manufacturer's site, chances are one does not exist. Is it the modem or the network card?
  2. first off there is absolutly nothing wrong with vista all previous issues have been resolved with service packs

    as to your drivers I'm assuming you looked at toshibas site so the next method is to figure out what chipset the modem is and try to find drivers for the chipset, it's rather hit or miss and takes a few tries but i've done it
  3. Both do not seem to work right.
  4. both what be specific
  5. I've never been able to find modem drivers for Toshiba machines. I used one a long time ago for a security system that needed a modem.

    Anyway, if I were you, I would high-tail it back to Vista. It's a much better OS than XP. I don't know what went wrong with it for you to say it sucks, but I'm sure there's a resolution for whatever it was.
  6. I switched from vista to xp on my gateway fx laptop for game purposes. Other than that I had zero issues with it. Unfortuneatly Vista and City of Heroes my favorite MMO caused greatly degrated performance, maybe the poster has a similiar problem.
  7. Well, there's always this reason:,9701.html

    With tweaks, you can have XP look a little like Vista, though you'd still miss out on some features.
  8. Have both the A205 and A305 Toshibia loptops
    The A205 I Downgraded from Vista to XP - Not Problems. Later I upgraded to Win 7 RC - again no problems. However I now have to decide if I want to (1) go back to vista (still have HDD0, (2) reconnect HDD w/XP, or (3) upgrade to Win 7. Will probably go with XP or win 7 Vista is a resorce hog for lower end Laptops, Win 7 is better, but don't know if it's worth the $100. Upgraded A305 to Win 7 and a Blu-ray Player/dvd writer and memory to 4 gigs - Stayed with 32 Bit.

    I see Toshibia list a modem drivers for the A215-S5822.
    For XP SP2/3 it's Ver 2.1.01 dtd 09/18/2007 (For XP/XPSP2&3/Vista

    I would assume that you installed XP and have it with service pack 3

    Have you upgrated XP to SP3 and did you load all the drivers from the list.
    After that goto XP update and scan for updates, look at optional for Hardware.
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