Epson Aculaser C900 Photoconductor fuse fuze replacement

Hello, it seems possible to replace the fuse in my Epson Aculaser C900 printer in order to reset the Photoconductor (Drum) Unit. Can anyone tell me how? Many thanks.

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  1. Oh yes. Found it myself.

    "Did you? Well done!"

    "Yes, you just gently ease up the two metal tabs underneath the Photoconductor unit & slide out the blown fuse."

    "Then what?"

    "I'm glad you asked. I used a magnifying glass to find 'F80L 250V' stamped on it. A Google search resulted in the complete match for one hit only."

    "That was enough though, wasn't it?"

    "Yes. It said it was a 3.15A. A quick search of the Maplin site revealed 20mm QB 3.15A 10 PK Stock: 342 £1.99. Just need to go home & fit later."

    "Well done, in advance!"
  2. I have the same fuse, bel F80L, in a different printer, a minolta 2300w. In an email from BEL, the fuse manufacturer, he told me the fuse is 80 ma, not 3 amps

    Just for future reference, as I see your trouble was a year ago
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