Urgent suggestion - Need a dvd player

hey guys,
my brother is in town for a couple of days and he needs a solution to play both dvds and divx.
he will be using my old 21" monitor, so the dvd need to have separated video and audio.

The idea is to connect the monitor on dvi and the audio through mini plug.

since there are a lot of brands I don't know what is the best.. ideally I will buy it on amazon to get delivered by Thursday.
also he already has some movies previously ripped on divx, so he will be buy also an external hd to reproduce from there.

so, the dvd has to have both capabilities.

Please if you can try to help me asap.

thanks in advance...
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  1. i havent heard many people talk about the different qualities of DVD players.
    i know that they have a digital to analog convertor.. but i dont know anything about differences.

    getting the divX discs to work might be a challenge if the divX disc is encoded with the wrong profile.
    and i havent heard of any problems with divX players not playing the divX movie (as long as the correct profile is used)
    but i havent hunted down any divX articles or read reviews to learn about divX capabilities.

    i dont know of any DVD players that have a dvi output.
    you would probably be better of searching amazon.. reading reviews and double checking the reviews with other reviews from a different website.
  2. Hey anwaypasible,
    I'm sorry may be I was not clear enoght.
    I'm not looking for a dvd player with dvi output since I can convert it from an hdmi. the issue here is that I will need to use hdmi output only for video and take the analog audio from the mini plug.

    about the divx I need a player with the capabilities of reading files from an external hard drive instead of dvd or flash drives.

    thanks !!!
  3. dvi / hdmi / vga can be changed to component with an adaptor or does the hardware have to officially support the conversion?

    i understand that you want to use hdmi for video and grab the audio from a different output.

    what is wrong with the traditional component video outputs?

    needing a DVD player that can get divX files from an external hard drive.. i havent researched dvd player's enough to know if such a thing is possible.

    i am not the one you should be talking to because i have no experience or reading about such an option.

    i have only looked for things like component video outputs and digital audio output.

    i suppose i could help you look though.. because your order is quite specific.
    i wouldnt say such needs are rare, because there are probably hundreds or thousands of people that want a dvd player that can read movies from an external hard drive.

    i would think the feature is difficult to find as a way to deterr people from copying movies.

    i dont think you should be forced to transfer audio with an hdmi cable if you are using hdmi for video.
    but i havent heard or seen anything that states hdmi being better than component.

    can i ask you to drop the hdmi feature from your request ?
    because if i did find a suitable dvd player.. there is no solid guarantee that you will be able to get audio from a different output while using hdmi for video.

    i know that lots of the new televisions have hdmi inputs.. but people might not want to use the speakers on the television.
    therefore your request isnt out of the ordinary.

    what are you planning on plugging the audio into?


    i started reading and there are DVD players that have a usb input, which allows the ability to connect an external hard drive and/or usb flash drive.

    this dvd player plays divX and allows the connection of a hard drive (if formatted to fat32 file system)
    but they said the dvd player has a file limitation of 648 files.
    it also has the hdmi output that you requested.

    it has analog audio.. coaxial audio.. and the hdmi.
    i dont know if you can use the coaxial or analog audio outputs when using hdmi for video.
    the dvd player has lots of good reviews.
    would be worth downloading a manual to see if you can output the audio with coax or analog while using hdmi.

    **edit again**

    i just read the manual and it says you can specifically turn on/off the hdmi audio.
    and that means you can use hdmi for video and grab the audio from a different output.

    good luck..!
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