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I have a K7N2 Delta-ILSR, an athlon 2000+, and an HEC 350 watt dual fan psu. My cpu is running a little hot so i put the vcore to 1.65 and it runs fine. The question I have is should my vcore fluctuate ~.05 v? Thats about what it does, at 1.65 its usually around 1.7. At 1.675 its usually around 1.689 or 1.705. Is that much normal?

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  1. Mine fluctuates like that as well, it is set to 1.5V but never stays there. Never had any problems with stability tho, so i wouldn't worry about it
  2. Both my Asus A7V133 and A7N8X have always displayed the Vcore 0.04v higher than what I've set. I think this is quite normal but don't understand why.

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  3. it imposible to allwayse have 1.5000000 volt as the plug that suppost to give you 120 volt 60 hertz but in reality move from 110 volt to 140 volt

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