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I have a dell xps 720 and I use the onboard sound. I have installed windows 7 64 bit, but dell doesn't have windows 7 drivers. I have tried a few different drivers, but cant seem to get it working.

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.00GHz 32 °C
Conroe 65nm Technology
4.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 533MHz (5-5-5-15)
Dell Inc. 0P611C (Microprocessor)
nForce 680i Sli chipset
HP w2338h (1920x1080@60Hz)
896MB GeForce GTX 260 (EVGA) 54 °C
Hard Drives
466GB Western Digital WDC WD50 00AAKX-75U6A SCSI Disk Device (RAID)
Optical Drives
High Definition Audio Device

If anyone can help me figure this out that would be awesome.
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  1. The nforce chip means it is from Nvidia so you can try thier site for drivers. Also if you can identify the onboard sound chip you can go to that site to get drivers. For example if it's a Realtek AC97 HD you could go to the realtek site and look for drivers.
  2. try windows update ? and did your motherboard come with a driver disc ?

    what's that high definition audio device......... if you're using on board sound there could be a conflict. uninstall that HDMI driver ( maybe from device manager )...?? don't let windows reinstall it.
  3. The High definition audio device is the onboard sound I thought. I cant find a hdmi anything in device manager. the only disk I have is the OEM disk that came with the computer. It hsa windows xp on the disk but I cant find anything on this disk with just drivers. How do I find information on the onboard chipet for sound. I have downloaded the latest 680i chipset drivers.
  4. look in the BIOS. should give you an idea of what sound it is. probably realtek.

    the reason I said the hdmi driver is because when you installed the graphics driver you also installed a sound driver. you can uninstall your graphics driver and start over, but do a custom install and omit the sound driver this time.
  5. This computer looks 6 to 8 years old to me and you'll have a hard time finding drivers. You want to go to the Dell support page and enter in your Express service code and see if they have any drivers for your sound chip. If they don't then maybe you can see what brand the chip is and go to the site that it is and see if they have the drivers for Win 7.
  6. I just checked the driver installer for graphics card, and clicked custom but none of the drivers mentions sound just ,graphics, physics, 3d vision. How can you tell what audio chipset is in your system. I have checked dell they have a sigmatel sound driver for vista 64 bit but it doesn't seem to do anything. The problem is sometimes the sound will just work for hours and hours, but then it will cut off and doesnt work.
  7. again, look in the BIOS.

    yes, see the card. the 260 might not support sound through HDMI. or HDMI for that matter.
  8. I will check the bios real quick, when I check my process's I do not see any process for sound at all.
  9. Bios says I have intergrated sound on, but doesnt say what kind of chipset or anything of that nature. It says the factory default settins and what not.
  10. If I could add a picture I would show you my device manager and process's, but I can't :/
  11. NForce boards typically used Realtek sound chips.
  12. I installed the realtek High definition audio codec and it doesnt seem to change anything. I also tried disabling the digital audio and putting the speakers as default. I have tried installing the ac'97 driver, but since its not signed on it keeps saying are you sure and I have tried clicking yes like 20 times but it never installs. It has something to do with windows security. I really wish I could find out what the problem is.
  13. I just found these drivers for the HDA but I do not know which one to get. I am only using 2 speakers and a sub.
  14. I read on this page that the audio is a creative x-fi....
  15. The x-fi was an option. However, the OP can simply choose the "System Configuration" link (upper right corner of the page referenced above), Choose the "System Configuration" tab, then enter the service tag to view the original configuration of that PC. That will identify once and for all what drivers are needed.
  16. That was a option you could get in it, but my friend that bought it did not get the card that I know of. I have looked at that site through and through, and I have read that creative labs has a scanner to see if there is a card in your system, but I cannnot find it.
  17. Well, in the audio drivers section, they have either Creative drivers or a Sigmatel driver (never heard of that before).

    Try this:
  18. do headphones work or external speaker work?
  19. festerovic said:
    Well, in the audio drivers section, they have either Creative drivers or a Sigmatel driver (never heard of that before).

    Try this:

    doesn't mean that that is it. I have a gigabyte board that has Azalia codecs..( also maybe realtek but think it has to do with sound over HDMI I believe ) ...... not spelled correctly i don't think. Installing those drivers ( sigmatel ) might work. if it does burn them to a disc and keep hold of them.

    another thing........ can you update the BIOS on the board ? doing that might take care of everything.

    found this... ?????

    sorry fester didn't click on the link..
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