Replacement internal hard drive for packard bell easy note vx

Can anyone help please.

I have a Packard Bell Easy Note VX

When booting it says that the hard drive is "bad"

other message

AmIBIOS (2000) American Megatrends Inc

NEC BIOS Revision 155a1800 09/20/00

Mobile Pentium (R) 111 processor 600MNz

Auto-Detecting Pri Master...IDE Hard Drive

Auto Detecting Pri Slave... Not Detecting

Pri Master:00E2A0A0 HITACHI _23DK23BA-10
Ultra DMA Mode-2, S.M.A.R.T Status Bad, Backup and Replace

(c) American Megagtrends Inc



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  1. Try and back up the contents.

    Then, if you feel competent to remove the drive, note the model number (as you mentioned above) or take the drive out and go with it to a retailer and ask for a compatible replacement.
  2. I recently had the same problem, bad sectors on HDD causing it to slug aroud I took what I needed off it and replaced with a 320 GGB HDD Toshiba, Now I cannot get it to go on the net, I believe I need to down load the serial number for the motherboard to get a download for it to work wire less????
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