Audio from pc wont work when i restart pc

hello again. sorry if you read my othe rposts and think i am messing about.
i have got the muther of annoying audio problems.

to refresh anyone who not read earlier posts.

i got a hp pavalion 5313 uk computer connected to my pioneer vsx920k amp via hdmi cable.

the hdmi from my pc runs audio and video to the amp.

i mamaged t get it working earlier after totally reinstalling pc back to factorey settings. turned pc back on and all worked well.

later on i switched the pc off. few hours later turned on, then once again the audio wasnt working. the funny thing is that the pc screen come sup on my plasma tv screen no problem, but for some reason no sound.

i have gone through all the settings, and checked for updated drivers and nothing helps.

i called the tech guys again and they said it might be my sound card. he suggested taking it to my local pc world for them to take a look before i sent it off to be checked out.
the guy at pc world got the sound workign somehow.
i took it back home and managed to get sound again. then i restarted pc and the same thing happened, NO SOUND.

nothing is wrong with the software it seems, but there is a problem somewhere what is making it not recognise the audio device connected to it after each switch off.

love to hear if anyone else got simlar problem.

£600 for a top end pc and £300 for a quality amp and ive had nothing but hassle so far.
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  1. if you have a spare hard drive.. you could install the operating system onto that hard drive and hook it up to the computer to see if the problem still exists.
    that would steer the direction towards the soundcard being problematic.

    i wouldnt keep messing with the software because if something changed it once and wasnt removed, it is likely to turn it off again and again and again.

    i'm not with the same crowd of people who refuse to reinstall their operating system.
    i dont see the point in paying $100 for the PC repair guys to fix it when i can just reinstall the operating system for free.

    its obviously a waste of money if you bring it home and it does the same thing.
    not to imply that you paid for a repair.. but if you did, it was of little help it seems.

    you really need to learn if its the hardware soundcard that is malfunctioning.
    perhaps there is an electrical problem and you are killing your motherboad leaving the soundcard turned on.
  2. thanks for the reply mate.
    its cool i didnt have to pay the tech guy as pc still in warrenty. i phoned them today and arranged fo a engineer to come and take a look tomorrow.

    i do have access to another harddrive but think i will just wait for engineer.
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