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im a real noob to building and modding/configuring, would like advice from ppl to make the ultimate pc to play star wars galaxys from the uk with a 1mb cable connection,not too worried about the cost id just like the best performance
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  1. Sounds like you have deep pockets. How soon before you buy?
  2. ill buy asap, need it soon, not deep pockets just spend my coin on my hobbie whatever it takes
  3. heya Thoid;

    If it were me i would build the following

    1) Case: ThermalTake Xaser
    2) PSU: Fortron 500w
    3) Mobo: i875 chipset board - Asus - Gigabyte
    4) CPU: Intel 3.2Ghz P4800
    5) Ram: 1GB pc3500 Corsair-LL
    6) Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce FX 5900 Ultra
    7) Hard Drive: 2x60GB Western Digital 10,000RPM SATA - Raid-0 config
    8) OS: XP Pro

    These are gravy choices.

  4. 6) Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce FX 5900 Ultra > Change that to a Readon 9800 Pro. (Cheaper and IMO better)
  5. If he's worried only about performance, not cost, stick with the 5900 Ultra. It outperforms the 9800 Pro, even if it's not as great as Nvidia would like us to believe.

    Check out the Doom3 benchmarks. The Ultra rapes.

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  6. i´d recommend exactly what XeeNRecoiL said...

    Are the FX5900 available? And I never heard about WD 60GB 10000rpm SATA HD (aren´t they only 36gb)
  7. The fastest boards out right now are the Abit IS7/IS7-G and Asus P4P800/P4P800-Deluxe.

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  8. plz don't make this turn into a flame war

    I nominate the sis xabre 400...just kidding
  9. The Abit IS7 and IS7-G are the fastest boards, and Abit has excellent warranty service. Asus is neck and neck with Abit on the P4P800 and P4P800-Deluxe. Both use the i865PE chipsets.

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  10. yes crashman you told me this in another post, and i read the article you gave with the post, but i just like the i875 chipset, its a personal prefrence, dont worry friend your words arent lost on me im not THAT thick ROFL.





  11. Get a Radeon9800 Pro. Visit the graphics section if you really want more opinions, but frankly the cards from Nvidia are questionable since nobody can really be sure what they'll perform like in a real game.

    Doom III benchmarks are beta, Nvidia cheated on the 3dMark2003 scores, and it's quite possible that they have cheated on other benchmarks as well.

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  12. Quote:
    5) Ram: 1GB pc3500 Corsair-LL

    Yeah, Corsair decided not to release the PC3500 low-latency modules. I would go with two Corsair XMS 512MB PC3500 (non-low-latency) memory modules myself.

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  13. How much is a 60GB Western Digital 10,000RPM SATA? And how much would an 80GB cost as well?
  14. Western Digital Raptor (10K RPM) currently comes in one capacity - 36.7GB. It's available for purchase at <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?submit=manufactory&catalog=14&manufactory=1306&DEPA=1&sortby=14&order=1" target="_new">newEgg for $137</A>.

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  15. LOL OK

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  16. maybe it's better if you chose having only 1 dimm module, i'm not quite sure, but i've heard somewhere that it's somewhat slightly stable than having two modules.
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