Need help finding a headset

Hey guys I am looking for a new headset, mostly for gaming purposes not for music.. I usually listen to music with speakers..

1. I am looking for one around $30 or less, after shipping and taxes and stuff.

2. I would prefer one that goes over the head, not behind it. Earbuds are out too.

3. USB or conventional plug-ins.. I can use either, and would pretty much prefer the one that is "better sound quality." I do not know which one is better, so you can make that decision for me depending on the headset

4. Since I'm using it for gaming, I would like a good mic that is clear and not staticy or anything.

5. Good sound quality

6. Importantly, one that is comfortable.. If any of you have one you can recommend, that would be great.

Thanks a lot
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  1. Can anyone help..? I'm sure some of you know what a good headset is and stuff.

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