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Recomendation of a LED with displayport (22")

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
May 9, 2010 12:39:10 PM

hi all

i am currently looking into setting up a Eyefinity with my HD5870's.

I currently only have 1 LED monitor, the G2222HDL from Benq. it is 21.5". great screen. I plan on getting a second one.

For the 3rd screen however, i need one with a display port. i cant find any LED monitors with DP. I know I could get a LCD, but me being the perfectionist, would put it in the middle of the 3. I am too used to LED and LCD quality is annoying, sure not a hell of a difference, but i can notice it.

if any one has heard of a 21.5 or a 22" LED with Display port would you please let me know! Thank you!!
May 17, 2010 12:44:40 AM

"LED" monitors are LCD monitors with LED backlight instead of using traditional florescent backlight.

The quality of LCD monitors depends on the panel technology not what kind of backlight it uses. Cheap LCD monitors uses TN panels which are relatively poor compared to more expensive PVA, MVA and IPS panel tech. However, it is fine for the average consumer.

All current generation "LED" monitors have TN panels. There are a handful of exceptions, however, they are nearly $2,000 and are meant for professional graphics usage.