Audio output speakers not working on XL2370 Samsung montior

I'm stuck. I've recently brought the XL2370 Samsung monitor which was an audio output jack. I've simply pluged in my external speakers cable (3.5mm) but there's no sound. I would plug it into my PC but I was to be able to play the xbox without having to unplug then plug in the speakers back and forth the monitor and PC.

Any help?
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  1. I don't understand the question but I guess you want audio on both X-box and PC, does your PC connected by HDMI or just DVI, RGB?

    Does your PC can send audio through HDMI, if not, how do you send sound from your PC to your monitor?
  2. Hi Rexter

    Sorry I'm not being very clear... I wanted my speakers which are plugged into my monitor (no internal speakers) to work both for my PC and xbox. PC is connected by DVI. My external speakers only work if I plug it to the back on my PC unit and doesn't when plugged into the monitor (audio output).

    I've looked through my PC settings and monitor settings, no luck.
  3. Unfortunately, DVI only contains video signal and no audio. I assume your Xbox is connected using HDMI cable.

    You'll need something like this -

    Take the audio output from the PC and connect to Source 1 of the switch then the TV audio out to Source 2 of the switch. Connect your speaker in to the output of the switch.
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