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Hi everyone!

Perhaps you could help me with this thing I have in mind, I did some research but am unable to conclude what is best... anyway here is the story:
I have 2 monitors, and what I have in mind is to have my pc boot up linux AND windows 7 SIMULTANEOUSLY (not 1 by 1 like a classic dual boot...) so I can use 1 monitor for linux, and the other for windows, that is the final "visualization" of my plan shall we call it.

Before you start, I KNOW you cannot do this kind of thing without having some other kind of software to mediate the 2 systems. I looked around but there are too many things which don't get what I mean. Ofc, I don't mind using a different technique (such as emulating linux from windows for example) as long as it is a SOLUTION to what I have in mind.

More specifically, I am looking for ADVICE mainly on what FREEWARE PROGRAM can be used to get the job done. If it cannot be done with this criteria then please say so and put my mind at rest... thx for your time!
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  1. Hi :)

    You cannot...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. ^ +1

    though dont know if you could run linux in a virtual machine on the second monitor

    with something like this
  3. it's IMPOSSIBLE for a computer to "boot up" 2 operating systems simultaneously
  4. ok then... now that that's clear... how do I emulate linux on windows then, isn't that possible?
  5. For free and if you only want 1 VM running at a time then use VMware Player, if you want to run more than one VM at a time then use VirtualBox.
  6. I have a Windows 7 virtual machine that I occasionally run under Linux with VirtualBox. VirtualBox has a "seamless" mode which allows your windows programs to run side by side with native Linux programs. It's pretty cool.

    VMware player worked fine when I used it in the past, but I'd still give VirtualBox the nod due to it's open source nature.
  7. I've used Virtual Box before too, it's actually pretty simple to install a OS to it and get it running.
  8. alright cool. virtualbox it is! thx for the help every1
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