start up screen distortion

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when I start up computer 1st 3 logo screen are distorted from windows welcome
on I have no problems. If I try a recovery, full or non destructive i cannot
read the instruction screens as they are before the welcome. Any ideas
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  1. I had the same problem. So when I restarted my HP laptop, the screen of course is blank but I still hit F8 several times. Even though I couldn't see the options, I still hit the up-arrow key 8 times to get to Safe Mode and then hit enter. I waited until the screen came out of distortion and low and behold I was able to select Admin and go into Safe Mode.

    I had a good working computer to see how many times I would have to click upwards to make my selections on my Bad laptop.

    Eventually I had to do a Sytem Recovery on my HP laptop. Still had a blank screen at Startup, but I hit F11 to go into Recovery and I just waited until my monitor caught up.
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