System keeps rebooting at random

for the past few days my windows 7 Pro system has been freezing and rebooting at random.

I use an unRAID NAS and because i has having a problem with windows leaving NAS files open they reccommended that i make the following registry changes:

Set HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache to 1
Set HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters\Size to 3

i don't know if this is what is causing the rebooting issue or not. I exported a backup of the registry before i made the changes. once i discovered the problems i tried ti import the registry backup file to restore the original settings and it started to process and then gave me an error saying that it couldn't import the .reg file.

so i went in and manually changed the values back but my PC is still rebooting.

like I said - this may not have anything to to with the rebooting - could be a coincidence but i would appreciate any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this,
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  1. Hi,

    The Windows 7 Operating System become unstable and reboots frequently when error occurs in RAM. The RAM become faulty only in rare cases and you could download and run a utility called Memtest86 to test your RAM for finding some errors in it. Memtest could run for a long time, for at least a couple of hours. You need to replace the RAM if you found more errors in it.

    Get more information to fix Windows 7 Keeps Rebooting error . Hope this helps you.
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