Is my LCD cracked ?

Hi friends ,

Can someone tell me what happened to my lcd display ? I think the lcd got cracked . I need to find out what is it exactly , so that I can tell it to Dell CC properly .

Here are the images which I took with my mob.You can see the lines on the left part and on the right , my wallpaper .The crack/lines on the left is visible only when I power on the system

Thank you
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  1. Yes, it's cracked.
  2. Oh yea buddy. you have a busted screen
  3. wow, that sucks, you need a new screen

    though i have to ask, what happened, did you drop it?
  4. Thanks for helping me .....

    How much it will cost to replace lcd ?
  5. while closing the lid , accidentally headset came in and headset got jammed , and the result was this busted screen
  6. qam_pkd said:
    Thanks for helping me .....

    How much it will cost to replace lcd ?

    Well, if you just measure your screen and then just search the web for a matching size you should get one under $50. I have replaced countless screens for friends. Its really easy to do too.
  7. OUCH!..

    yup, that's one busted LCD. I assume this is a laptop. Anyway the cost for a tech to fix it will probably run around the price of a new low end laptop. Ordering parts from Dell directly is way expensive, plus it's alot of labor to take appart the whole laptop and put it back together (assuming they do it right) just to replace that LCD. If you're confident that you can repair it yourself then you can buy an LCD off of eBay and replace it. I find that fixing most Dell laptops is pretty straight forward, but it's up to you. If you don't want to fix it yourself it may be better to auction it off on eBay to someone who can fix it and buy yourself a new one.
  8. if you buy a screen from ebay, it would be easier if you get the screen/bezel/wifi wires together as one bundle so its less work, though this is usually a little more expensive
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