Monitor will not work with a PC or Laptop... only works with xbox 360

My Samsung Syncmaster p2370 monitor doesn't work with my laptop or PC, it shows a black screen and the power button blinks. The monitor IS detected by the laptop in AMD's vision control center. The monitor DOES work with my xbox 360. I use a VGA connection cable with the 360, and then have a DVI adapter attached to that.

I have used this monitor with my laptop and desktop just fine until about 2 weeks ago. All of sudden it won't work with any PCs that connect to it...How can it work with a 360's VGA connection but not PC? I have tried multiple cables.

Thanks for any assistance, I'm pretty stumped here. As I said, this just suddenly stopped working with the laptop/PC. Apparently the syncmasters are riddled with issues, but I'm not sure what this could be....
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  1. I should also add that the xbox vga-DVI adapter looks like a standard DVI-A cable pin configuration...the one I have been using for the PC looks like a DVI-A but without the 4 pins on the right side. There are no holes where the pins could have fallen out though so this is weird. I can't find any reference to such a cable so maybe they did fall out..the other cable I tested was a friend's and I forgot to check which kind...

    So unless anyone has something else I guess I'll assume that the pins DID fall out but there were no holes (?) --- I ordered a replacement cable but they sent me a male DVI to female VGA - which does me no good without an adapter, which I will have to get.
  2. The cable without the 4 pins is without audio trasmission. Some displays without speakers wont include it to be cheaper. The xbox uses a lower resolution. Grabbing at straws. The computer probably is out of the displays resolution. Try starting the computer with the tv plugged in it uses a lower resoluation in booting and in safe mode.

    Hope I helped.
  3. Ok thanks for the info on that cable - I was baffled. Well it looks as if the problem was two fold, but I did get it working. First, the cable I was using was bad. And second, the tv was set to analog....I thought that when you pressed "auto" it would automatically figure out which was one was working but it needed to be switched manually to digital. Since it was on analog, it didn't work on my friend's cable.
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