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Laptop starting up automatically

i bought a VAIO-NW270F laptop a few months ago.

for the last few days it started to start up automatically after midnight about 2-3 am and stays at the logon screen.
the problem is its drains my battery while i am asleep :sleep: and in the morning when i take it work it shows almost zero battery. :fou:

How do i get rid of this problem?
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  1. take your battery out before you go to bed.
  2. good advice :)

    but thats what i m doing now.

    but i wanna know why this is happening ?

    it isn't even doing any scheduled work
  3. Hello,

    What OS are you using? It's possible you may have the computer to auto-turn on in the BIOS settings. Usually hitting F2-11 (it will usually say on reboot) on what to press to get to your BIOS.

    It may say something like "Auto turn on" and usually you can set a time. You may want to check your manual to see how to access your BIOS.
  4. I would do as chainzsaw says and go into your BIOS but also look for the wake on options. Things like wake on lan can be a nuisance. For instance I can switch on my comp just by activating my squeezebox.
  5. guys i tried all u have said but still the problem exists .

    right now i m just gonna remove the battery before going to bed
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    Your Windows auto updates are on.
    Goto control panel -> windows update -> change settings to turn off this feature.
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  8. i figured it out long time a ago
    but still thanks for the help
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