RADEON HD 4870 VS Aliens vs Predator 3 (2010)

i have one ati radeon hd 4870 xfx 1gb,and i want to know how this game will run in my computer (resolution max 1280x1024)

intel dual core 1.8~2.0
2gb ddr 667
ati RADEON HD4870 1gb xfx 256bits ddr5
2x hd 250gb 5400rom i think...

plz do a test for me or tell me how this game run in this vga (and if u guys CAN tell me in one computer with identical hardware like mine... thx

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  1. You have to specify your CPU model type, a Dual Core could be identified as anything, Pentium D, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo and etc. It plays a major role. a Pentium D is as good for gaming today as a mule participating in a horse race.
  2. Not to mention that this is not a question for the "Other Peripherals" forum subsection, some one move this to the appropriate subsection please.
  3. Its one Pentium Dual Core E2160 and IDK where to post this ^^ please move for me if i created in a bad local, and what u guys think about this computer in AVP3? and this vga? how many time she will can carry the recent games? 3 or 4 years? next upgrade BETTER is CPU + MB right? and after memory

    and what u guys think about the video card lost of speed because the CPU and memory? thx i tryed to OC but up them 2.05 computer FROZE in the start and reset the bios automatic
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