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Upgrading from 1.5 to 2.6 P$

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July 1, 2003 10:27:12 PM

I have a Dell 8100 with a P4 1.5 processor. Is it worth upgrading to a 2.6 P4 (with 400mhz bus)? How much increased performance will I see? Any other thoughts? I have 512 megs of ram, so I don't think I need to upgrade that right now.

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July 1, 2003 11:02:10 PM

That CPU should perform around 100% better than your old one, it's based on better technology! Of course the rest of your system will hold it back a bit, but it's still a lot cheaper than building new.

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July 2, 2003 3:01:46 PM

better make sure you can put the 2.6 in that motherboard
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July 2, 2003 5:50:45 PM

That's a good point actually - the 1.5 might be an old Socket423 Williamette core, in which case you're not gonna fit any newer P4s in there. I think they did go up to a 2Ghz S423 Willy, but there'd be little point in that upgrade.

Another question that springs to mind is do you know what RAM you have in that system? Some earlier P4 Systems were available with PC133 SDRAM. If this is the case in your system, you'd probably barely notice any difference anyway, as the RAM is the real bottleneck.

If you <b>do</b> happen to be unfortunate enough to have a S423 Willy with SDRAM, then you'll have to junk everything to get much performance increase, really.

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