How to watch tv using the sound of the home theatre SONY DAV-TZ135

hi there
can somebody help me to set up my home theatre system sony DAV-TZ135.
i got all the cables connected, to play dvds i got no problem and sound comes out good and clear, but how can i watch tv using the system?
connected to dvd have got white, yellow and red cable that goes to tv(with scart)
what's missing? what do i do wrong?
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  1. Looking at the specs for that system, it appears to only have L/R Analog Audio inputs. If your TV and analog audio outputs, connect those to the inputs on the home theater system.

    If you tell us what TV you have, it might help.

    -Wolf sends
  2. hi thanks for the reply
    my tv is a Technika 32-310 32"LCD TV with built in DVD & Freeview.
    i tried to connect just the cables RED and WHITE to the tv without the scart but nothing
    please let me know
  3. just realized my tv has no audio output!!!! DOH!!!!
  4. same pro with sony 32ex520.. any solutions?
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