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I would like to buy one of those two. I've heard I can compare a Centrino 1,5 Ghz with a 2,2 P4 Mobile CPU. Is this true? Or is P4 Mobile still faster than a Centino? What would you do, buy a 1,5 Centrino or a 2,2 P4Mobile? Thanks!
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  1. Hm... a 1.5Ghz Centrino is, in some cases, comparable to the 2.2Ghz... but I'd say the Centrino 1.6Ghz outperforms the 2.2Ghz...

    Anyway, it depends on price as well. I'd try to get a Centrino because of all its features. Centrino offers longer battery life.
  2. Affirming Mephistopheles.

    Pentium M (Part of the Centrino branding-- not to be confused with the Pentium 4-M) basically combines the best of the P-III with the best of the P4. With the Pentium M you get geat performance, less heat, and longer battery life. What's not to love? Con is the price.

    Make sure your Pentium M notebook comes with the 855PM and not the 855GM (integrated graphics-- although as far as integrated graphics go, this is pretty good)

    <A HREF="http://www.intel.com/products/mobiletechnology/centrino/" target="_new">http://www.intel.com/products/mobiletechnology/centrino/</A>



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  3. Wait until the 802.11 a+b implementation comes out.
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