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Hello, I was curious what your thought are on my situation. I bought this LCD (Philips 19" 3000 series, product # 19PFL3504D) which on the box states the max resolution is 1366 x 768. I'm using this LCD as a computer monitor connect by VGA to my laptop. Now the laptop's graphics card (HP Pavilion DV6000) supports up to 1280 x 800.

The interesting thing I see and what I'd like you fine folks to comment on is that when looking at the display settings dialog menu for the LCD monitor I see the slider option goes up to 2048 x 1536. Now I know the integrated graphics card of this laptop can't support that high resolution. Is it possible that a more powerful graphics card that can support that high of resolution could run this LCD, which on the box states a max of 1366 x 768? I plan on building a new PC soon and was curious if I should get a new monitor as I might want a higher resolution than 768.

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  1. If the max resolution of the monitor is 1366 x 768, then there is no way to go beyond that with any graphics card. It is physically impossible.

    If you want higher resolution then you need to by a new monitor. The terms "native resolution" and "max resolution" for a LCD monitor means the same thing..
  2. I was thinking it may have been a larger resolution than advertised because the display settings slider went far beyond that while it does not do that for the laptop display setting. Just curious if there were cases were resolution was not as advertised.
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