HELP! Can't "see" my BIOS on boot up...

I bought a Compaq Presario 8000Z computer w/Win XP Home Ed. installed. I never really thought about it before, but when I boot up, I never see my BIOS.(i.e. my memory adding up etc.) This is what I see: COMPAQ in huge red letters is the first thing that comes up(maybe this is hiding my BIOS?), then the Windows XP load screen, then that blue screen, then my desktop loads. How do I get it to show my BIOS at startup?
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  1. You need to press F1/F2/FX or del - like any other BIOS - since the Compaq [Scumbag] logo, is something that Compaq puts 'on-top' of the BIOS and cfg. to show, that this is really a Compaq [Scumbag] computer :)

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  2. Yeah, I know about that. It's F10 on my computer. The problem with that is the "BIOS" doesn't let me do sh**. It's very simple and doesn't allow for barely any customization. Not like any of these other ppl I hear talking about changing the FSB and multipliers etc. Mine doesn't have any of that. By the way, is there any way to get rid of that Compaq logo? I really need to SEE the boot/BIOS screen so I can retrieve some info to update my BIOS. I can't update without it.
  3. You could just open up your case and read the model number off of it...

    Post the model number here and one of us will be able to tell you the make.

    But if it's a Compaq chances are it'll be MB from the cheaper end of the scale and your chances of upgrading the bios to overclock/mod it will be very limited.
  4. Most people here have computers they built themselves. With parts they picked that had the options they wanted. That's why they don't have Compaq..

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  5. Yeah I know most of you built your own computer. Hooray for you. I hadn't really gotten into computers at the time I bought my Compaq. I'm already considering upgrading the Mobo and CPU(which should fix my problem right there). But I'm broke and not sure when that will be. As for my make/model its:

    Compaq Presario 8000Z
    Model: 8QSXE1

    I've already downloaded the installer for the BIOS upgrade but, of course, I'm having problems with that. I downloaded the .exe, unpacked it, and copied it to a floppy. It says to boot up and let it run from the floppy. How do I do that? It won't let me have a disk in the drive on boot up. I'm sure it's something simple. And this won't fix my problem since the update is from Compaq, right? This is my first, and last, built FOR me PC. I'm converting to a built BY my PC from now on.
  6. To boot with your floopy u must go in to the bios and change the boot settings.. u must press F10 few times when u turn on the PC even when the Red letters of compaw appears in the screen.

    try that i have a few friends with compaq pc's and that's the way to go into the bios...

  7. I didn't mean anything bad by my statement. You didn't have to get defensive. :frown: Did you try checking in bios if your floppy is bootable? It can be turned off and on in the bios. That is what I would check first. Oh, by the way, when you upgrade your mobo and cpu, you'll probably need a new o/s too, since the one you have is probably for only compaq comps. :smile:

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  8. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound defensive. More of a smart-ass remark. I'm kind of bitter at myself for not building my own. I just didn't know enough at the time. I'm learning more everyday. I love it! And BTW, thanks to all you guys who are replying. You guys make it alot easier.

    davep, are you serious about having to upgrade the OS? F Compaq. Do you guys think it would be easier for me to just sell this computer when I decide to upgrade? Or would it still not be too bad of a whip to just upgrade my mobo, cpu, os?, and graphics card? Thanks.

    I just tried to make the floppy bootable. Here's my only option with my sh**ty BIOS. I have a Boot-Up Sequence with either my Cd-Rom drive, Floppy drive, or Hard drive being booted 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in different orders. I made the floppy drive 1st but it still wouldn't let me boot with the diskette in the drive. I don't get it.
  9. That's ok. I was joking myself. If the o/s that came with your compaq says it is for compaq only, you will probably have to get a new o/s. The first time I built a computer, it started as a mobo upgrade for a Hewlett Packard computer. All said and done I had to get a new o/s. But I'm happy I did it. And if your happy with your case, psu, ram, and so on you can just upgrade your mobo and cpu, (and o/s). Being factory built though, you'll more than likely want a bigger psu. The good news is you can find a pretty good case and psu combo at a pretty good price. And when you buy a new mobo, you'll probably want faster, better ram, the new board may even require it. Also. if you buy an oem version of the o/s, you can get it for about half the price of a retail version. But, you probably already knew that.

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  10. As you've rightly said you can't boot with that disk in the drive. What the MB maker is telling you to do is to boot up your computer using a boot disc.

    So you make a boot disc in windows then turn off your computer and turn it back on again with the boot disc in. What this will do will leave you at the DOS command promt, something like:


    At this stage you need to put in your disk with the floppy drive and type:

    A: (And press enter)

    This will change the screen to display:


    From here type in the file name of the .exe file on the disc and hit ENTER.

    If you've downloaded the .exe file right then it'll start the bios upgrade program.

    Alternatively (and I don't know if you tried this) you can just download the .bin file from the MB manufacturer and stick it on a disc. Leave the disc in the drive and reboot the computer. Once the Compaq screen comes up hold down ALT and press F2 and once again this should start the bios upgrade process (much easier than making a boot disc).

    Orrrrrrrr and this is an outrageous plug go to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> and buy one of their motherboard, processor and heatsink packages for an extremely low price an get rid of that PoS Compaq for good!

    We're always here to help ya out with any future problems you might have.
  11. I don't mind the plug Tomlin. I'll definately give it a look. I appreciate your feedback as well. I haven't tried your suggestions yet, but I'm sure it will work since you explained it ALOT better than sh**ty Compaq did.

    Thanks again davep.
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