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i forgot my bios password trying to clear password have service manual for my laptop but cant find the hw gap jumper g-77 according to manual also have removed cmos & battery for 2 wks still didnt clear passwords the m/b is acer built by hannstar j mv-4 need laptop for school any ideas? PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?
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  1. Had the same problem. G77 is not the HW gap for the 5530 model. I reset using gap G69 located just above and to the right of ground #8. Viewed from the bottom with the bottom, left edge of machine facing you it is on the left side of the mb close to you. The marking is not that clear as G69 label is not right next to it, just look for the 2 triangular contacts. Took a couple tries but finally got past the password. Note this also reset the time and date clock back to BIOS date, so make sure you change it back or windows update will fail... :wahoo:
  2. can you show a picture or tell near what is located near processor or vidoe card or...?
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