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I have a 65" plasma HDTV that has a cracked screen, can it be repaired?
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  1. if repair parts can be found....of course. trouble is, alot of the off brand screens like vizio, olevia, etcetera arent easy to get parts for.

    also... its probably going to cost at least half of what a new one goes for so it might not be economical if the whole panel needs to be replaced.
  2. It is a Panasonic Viera - we paid $4,299.99 65" Plasma Panasonic TV
    >serial #LG01390556 -
  3. at those prices.....its most likely more than a few years old.

    you would have to see if you can find repair parts for your model online. if its just a "screen protector" that is broken you might be able to fix it yourself. if its the actual screen thats might not be worthwhile as it could easily cost you $700-1000+ and you can get a new tv for around that or a little more. you might be able to get a free estimate from a tv repair shop.
  4. No, we just bought it last year. I really would like to get it fixed! Or is there a store that would buy it and sue the parts? I just hate that I can't get anything for it. It was brand new and we never used it - the crack in the screen is hairline and barely noticeable to the naked eye.
  5. it might just be a crack in a screen protector then. you could try calling up the manufacturer and see if what they say about parts.

    even for a minor fix such as a screen protector the average repair shop is still going to charge at least $200.
  6. you might be able to get a free estimate from a tv repair shop.
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