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I want to buy one of those very small laptops/notebook/netbook (whatever).
The only specs I really want are a dedicated graphic card and a SATA / eSATA port connector.
I know finding detailed specs on a netbook is hard and probably there arent many with SATA connectors, but thats why im asking, im exausted with so much search...

In alternative, it would be nice if someone could point out a netbook with dedicated graphics card and ExpressCard slot, so I can add a SATA connector card.

Thx in advance
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  1. Fill out the sticky thread at the top of the forum and we can recommend something for you.
  2. The only netbook I can think of with a dedicated graphics card is the Asus 1201n. I don't think it has an eSATA port though.

    Actually, on that topic, search for some reviews on the Asus 1201n. Often, they have comparisons in those reviews, so take a look at some of those comparisons and see if you like them any better.
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